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Exhibit Campaign

We are seeking sponsorship for our first eight exhibits. These exhibits...

  • create a safe and nurturing place to play

  • engage kids in informal STEAM learning

  • integrate play with cultural learning

  • encourage community connection

colored scarves tumbling in a wind tunnel
Windy Wonders

Wind is a prominent feature of Gallup life.  In this exhibit, kids joyfully experiment with how materials interact with wind patterns.


children's hands putting pieces of cardboard together
Cardboard City

This exhibit ignites a new generation of recyclers when they discover endless possibilities for using cardboard!


hand pushing a child's toy wooden train
Tunnels, Tubes,

Young engineers will celebrate trains (a central feature of Gallup life) while exploring speed, force, and motion.


& Tracks
a Navajo churro sheep from face-on
The iiná of Wool

In this locally designed exhibit, children explore how Navajo weavers card, spin, and weave wool to create beautiful tapestries.


tabletop with colorful miscellaneous art supplies and small pieces
Loose, Parts

In the lab, makers can access art supplies and loose parts (i.e., wooden spools or popsicle sticks) to build, sculpt, paint, and design their ideas.


& Arts Lab
stack of blue foam play blocks
Blue Blocks

Young architects build large creations from houses to rockets with these innovative foam blocks.

This exhibit was generously donated by the McKinley County Early Childhood Coalition.

abstract image of colored translucent shapes with light shining through
Light House

As kids explore this exhibit's light tables, lite brite, and our
stained glass maker, kids will love to see their creations shine bright.


image of old time shopfronts
Mini Gallup

This exhibit is a hands-on town that allows kids to engage in imaginative role-play in some of Gallup's iconic places from stores to restaurants.

$5,000 per place


Annual Fundraisers

kids playing in a large pile of foam bubbles

Each year, we host events designed to create community and invite people to become involved in Play Sharity Gallup Children's Museum.

These events are sponsored by community businesses, and are free or low cost to attend so that everyone can join in the fun.

In October 2024, we hosted our first annual fundraiser, A Day of Play, which featured bouncy houses, a foam party, games, a wacky walkway, touch-an-excavator, pop-up exhibits, and food trucks.  The generous support of sponsors and community members helped us raise $11,000!

On May 4, 2024, we held The Color Run fundraiser, hosted at Hózhó Academy.

Sponsors and Partners

Play Sharity Gallup Children's Museum has made incredible strides forward because of the ongoing support from our community.  


The vision for opening up more opportunities for the children in Gallup and surrounding area has been shared by each organization and family listed below.


We are humbled to carry out this vision and thank our partners for their kindness and generosity to be a part of it. 

The Therapy Academy Logo
Water Store Logo
Butler's Office Equipment & Supply Logo
Cedar & Ivy Logo
Loco Jumps Logo
hozho picture.png
Wowies 225.jpg
children loading foam bricks into a wheelbarrow

Get Involved

Would you like to be a part of making a children's museum a reality in Gallup?  We need help!

Currently, we need volunteers to help us with ...

  • running our pop-up museums

  • planning and running fundraising events

  • attending community meetings to give input

  • spreading the word

Or do you have connections or ideas for a potential building for Play Sharity Gallup Children's Museum?  We would love to talk!

children playing with large blue foam blocks
Get Involved
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