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Pop-Up Museums

Learning can happen anywhere kids can play!

One of the main ways that we are currently engaging with our community is through pop-up museums, in which we set up three or four portable exhibits at community events.

Because we live in an area where transportation can be a challenge, we believe that taking the museum to where people are is a way that we can serve the needs of our community.

In addition to regularly being present during Arts Crawl each month during the 2023 season, we have help pop-up museums at other events such as the Week of the Young Child Celebration in Window Rock, the Children's Library Summer Reading Party, and the McKinley County Recycling Council's craft & recycling fair.


Make-Shift Museum

Through a generous grant from Save the Children, we will be offering a series of take-home STEM kits in the spring of 2024.


These kits will empower families to engineer mini-STEAM exhibits right in their homes. With these mini- exhibits, children will be able to explore science concepts in the same hands-on way they would at a children's museum.

Our Makeshift Museum kits will be distributed at our local Children's Library.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can receive kits as well.

abstract translucent colored shapes with light shining through
light table
a paper rocket for a children's STEM activity
rocket launch
colorful silk scarves flying the wind
wind tunnel
translucent colored pegs in a dark board with light shining through
lite brite
a children's marble run made from recycled materials
marble runner
a parachuting soldier toy
making a parachute

Future Programs

hands weaving a Navajo pattern on a loom

We envision Play Sharity Gallup Children's Museum as a community hub that partners with other organizations to provide programming tailored to our community.

For example, along with our exhibit about wool and weaving, we plan to partner with local initiatives host weaving events for children and families to participate in. The space will allow for demonstrations, after school or summer classes, and workshops.

Other future program ideas include:

yellow chevron design pointing right

A two-hour session allowing incarcerated parents time with their child at the children’s museum, supporting bonding, connections, and healthy relationships.

blue chevron design pointing right
Neurodiverse Playtime

Weekly time set aside for neurodiverse kids to play without being overstimulated and provide support for parents.

green chevron design pointing right
Parents' Nights

Parents nights for different groups of parents who might need support based on
circumstances: LGBTQ parents, parents of children with Autism, foster parents, and more.

peach colored chevron design pointing right
Tots' Spot

Every Thursday, toddlers and adults can join for a two-hour session in the museum. Each week, booths will be set up with different organizations that support toddler development will be there to connect with parents.

Pop-Up Museums
Make-Shift Museum
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